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Polar Bear Brings Comfort to Health Services Authority in the Cayman Islands

We are back with another update on the COVID-19 Emergency Field Hospital Air Conditioning and IAQ Project!  In anticipation of the re-opening of the borders, the Health Services Authority (HSA) and the Cayman Islands Government are preparing the necessary facilities to cope with potential surges in positive Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases. The new reality here in […]

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Our Experience With Mitsubishi VRF Training and What it Means to You

At Polar Bear Air Conditioning, we’re always investing in training and development as one of our core values is continuous improvement. We love learning about innovations in home comfort so we can, in turn, do our jobs more effectively and improve our customers’ quality of life. Toward that end, we recently sent two of our […]

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Renewable Energy Redefines HVAC

The development of renewable energy sources revolutionizing almost every machine-based industry (including HVAC) as the technologies that accompany these energy sources change to improve their energy efficiency and environmentally friendliness. In the same way that solar panels can harness energy to power lights and electricity, solar energy can also be used to run HVAC systems. […]

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