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Is a Freon Leak Dangerous?

Busted AC unit shows air blowing out of damaged coil, indicating a Freon leak.

If your air conditioner is giving you trouble all of a sudden, you might want to check and make sure it’s not the worst-case scenario. We’re talking about Freon leaks, of course.  Believe it or not, Freon (also known as refrigerant) leaks are more common than you might think! If you’re conscientious about keeping up […]

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How to Clean Air Conditioner Filters

Man taking out air conditioner filter to clean it.

Although your air conditioner’s filter is hidden away and working behind the scenes, you certainly shouldn’t forget to take care of it. This filter might be small, but it is incredibly mighty, as it helps prevent harmful dust and debris from clogging your equipment and impacting your family’s health. If you have a central air […]

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How Is Energy Efficiency Calculated in AC Units?

Outdoor air conditioner in Cayman Islands home.

If you’re in the market for a new air conditioner, you can’t ignore the importance of energy efficiency.  Energy efficiency plays a huge role in your home comfort and energy bills. Do you struggle to keep comfortable without spending an arm and a leg on electricity? Then, picking the right AC unit will be crucial […]

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5 No Cost Ways to Improve Air Conditioning Efficiency

Woman closing blinds to keep sun out and make AC more efficient.

Your air conditioner provides comfort when the heat outside is unbearable. However, using your cooling system day in and day out can take a toll on your wallet. In fact, air conditioners usually account for a significant portion of home energy costs. Although your family’s safety is important, and you should keep cool when the […]

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4 Reasons Why Your Air Conditioner is Leaking Water

Husband and wife sitting on couch frowning because of leaking AC. Wife holding pot to catch leaking water while husband is on the phone with a Polar Bear AC technician.

Living with a broken AC is not an option in the Cayman Islands. When the outdoor temperatures hit triple digits, you need the air conditioner to work at full capacity so that you, your family members, and your furry friends can be comfortable and safe.  A leaking air conditioner is a big problem — one […]

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What Causes an Air Conditioner to Freeze Up?

Frozen air conditioner outside of Cayman Islands' home.

Does your home feel warmer than it used to all of a sudden? Did you turn the thermostat down but feel no change in your indoor climate? Curious to see what’s going on, you might take it upon yourself to inspect your outdoor AC unit just to find that — gasp — it’s frozen solid […]

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Are High-Efficiency Air Conditioners Worth It?

An air conditioner outside a home in the Cayman Islands.

If it’s time to replace your home’s air conditioning system, you might feel overwhelmed by the various options on the market. There are many cooling systems to choose from, and they all have advantages that make them appealing to homeowners in the Cayman Islands. As you may or may not know, these options include high-efficiency […]

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Mini-Split vs. Central Air: What’s the Best Air Conditioner?

Outdoor central air unit sitting outside of Cayman Islands home.

Is your current air conditioner not keeping your family as cool as it should be? Are you renovating your home and looking for extra AC options? Perhaps, you’re just simply ready to upgrade? Whatever the case may be, choosing the best air conditioner for your home is no easy feat — especially when you don’t […]

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How to Lower Air Conditioning Costs

Man raising glasses to look at energy bill in shock of how high it is.

The summer months are no joke in the Cayman Islands. As the temperatures and humidity rise to record levels, families rely on their air conditioners to work harder than ever to stay cool at home. To make matters worse, CUC has warned that there could be significant electricity bill increases this summer due to the […]

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Do I Need an Indoor Air Quality Test?

Homeowner using CPS device to test indoor air quality and viewing results on smartphone.

If you’re a homeowner, you might have heard about indoor air quality (IAQ) testing but probably haven’t given it a whole lot of thought. After all, air quality problems are rarely in the news. 

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