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Polar Bear Apprentices Off to a Great Start in 2021!

At Polar Bear, we believe in continuous improvement and training local young people in the amazing HVAC trade. This year, as we look to grow the Polar Bear family, our apprenticeship program has unlocked incredible potential in several young Caymanians. In light of their progress, we’ve produced a fun and educational video to showcase their growth and a great start to 2021!

The apprenticeship program, which is available only to Caymanians, was designed to give priority to individuals interested in pursuing a career in HVAC. Young apprentices are partnered with world-class senior technicians and installers as they develop their skills and learn industry best practices. This is a fantastic training opportunity for those looking to learn what it takes to become a great technician. 

We eagerly welcome apprentices of different skill levels. Some can handle jobs on their own, while some still rely on help from their seniors, but they’re all working diligently and making waves. Here’s a sneak peek into what our apprentices learn: 

  • Full AC maintenance including:
    • Changing air filters
    • Clean and sanitize evaporator coils and drain pan
    • Treating condensate drain lines
    • Check proper drain design
    • Connect gauges and test system pressures
    • Wash condensing units
  • Troubleshooting and repairs:
    • Locate and repair electrical faults
    • Test and identify indoor air quality concerns
    • Diagnose and replace air handler blower motor
    • Diagnose and replace AC compressor
    • Test system capacitors and contactors
    • Refrigerant leak testing
  • New AC system installation
    • Design and install new AC ductwork
    • Disconnect and replace old air conditioning equipment
    • Brazing copper pipes and properly charging refrigerant
    • Properly design and install condensate lines
    • Install UV lights and other indoor air quality devices

A combination of on-the-job training, online training, and overseas courses set apprentices up for success. Apprentices are also provided with high-level customer service training to provide an exceptional customer experience including how to treat the customer’s home and property, how to speak to the homeowner, and how to educate them about issues and solutions.

Once they master these skills, our apprentices will be one step closer to delivering great services to the Cayman community and, especially, our Discount Service Club members. 

View our apprentices in action right here, where they tackle a condensating air handler. They explain this a symptom of one or a number of issues — such as the air temperature being too cold, undersized ductwork, dirty filters, a bad capacity, failing motor, compromised insulation, a high dew point in the attic, just to name a few. Condensating air handlers are quite a common issue in homes in Cayman. Get to the bottom of the issue and watch our apprentices showcase their skills in the video below. 

As they become proficient in all things HVAC, our apprentices are also learning what it means to be responsible and act with integrity, which is one of our core values here at Polar Bear! This young group of learners are polite, professional, and personable.

Everyone here at Polar Bear is very proud of them, and we look forward to seeing their progress in the coming year. We hope you, the Cayman community, feel pride every time they knock at your door.


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