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A Deep-Dive Into SEER

In last month’s post, “How Upgrading Your AC Unit Can Help Reduce Your Power Bill & Improve Your Air Quality,” we describe SEER (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) for air conditioners and how the higher the SEER, the higher the energy efficiency of the unit. A higher SEER rating equates to lower monthly electricity bills. Deciding […]

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Polar Bear Apprentices Off to a Great Start in 2021!

At Polar Bear, we believe in continuous improvement and training local young people in the amazing HVAC trade. This year, as we look to grow the Polar Bear family, our apprenticeship program has unlocked incredible potential in several young Caymanians. In light of their progress, we’ve produced a fun and educational video to showcase their […]

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Polar Bear Brings Comfort to Health Services Authority in the Cayman Islands

We are back with another update on the COVID-19 Emergency Field Hospital Air Conditioning and IAQ Project!  In anticipation of the re-opening of the borders, the Health Services Authority (HSA) and the Cayman Islands Government are preparing the necessary facilities to cope with potential surges in positive Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases. The new reality here in […]

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6 Tips for Helping Elderly Loved Ones Beat the Heat

Summer heat waves can be a health hazard to people of all ages, but especially seniors. In this blog, you’ll find ways in which you can help your elderly loved ones stay comfortable and safe throughout the summer and beyond — including calling on our residential air conditioning service company in the Cayman Islands to […]

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What’s the Reason Behind My Home AC Leaking?

AC technician servicing a central air unit in a Cayman Island home

Whenever a home appliance starts leaking, it usually means something is wrong with it. You won’t know whether it’s a small or big problem until a certified technician tinkers with the unit and diagnoses the problem. Although some of you may be inclined to let your AC leak water or refrigerant so long as it […]

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