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New AC Condensers for Sale in Grand Cayman

The typical outdoor AC unit lasts between 7 and 12 years, but performance can decline much sooner if essential components of the system stop doing their job. If your central air conditioner isn’t cooling your space the way it should, it might be time to call Polar Bear Air Conditioning to diagnose the issue. With our heavy salt climate, outdoor condensing units can corrode quickly, leading to costly repairs and reduced efficiency. In these cases, it may be time to replace the AC condenser unit. Luckily, we’ve hand picked the most suitable AC condenser for sale specifically for the environment in the Cayman Islands. From the most durable and efficient, to the affordable yet reliable condensing units, we have the right equipment that meets your comfort needs and budget, and the best technical team to get the job done!

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We offer a number of AC condensers for sale, and serve homes throughout the island:

  • West Bay 
  • George Town
  • Bodden Town
  • Patrick’s Island
  • Cayman Kai
  • East End
  • North Side
  • South Sound
  • Cayman Brac
  • Little Cayman

If you’re not sure what type of central air conditioner is right for you, you can count on our team to talk you through the various options and help you arrive at an informed decision. Whether you need to replace an AC condenser or find an AC condenser for sale to install in a newly constructed building, call Polar Bear Air Conditioning today, and let our team take it from there!


What Our Customers Say

Kieran provided excellent customer service. He explained clearly the technical matters which he recommended be fixed. Thank you

- Gilda M.

I am pleased to advise that the installation Technicians were professional and well mannered. I can highly recommend them to any Polar Bear client without any hesitation whatsoever.

- Norman B.

Pascale, is a very talented technician. Very punctual, professional and persevere until the job is done to the customers satisfaction. I would recommend Pascale to anyone.

- Yolande L.

SINCE Rohan started our services here at our home in Prospect he has been not only friendly but knows his job well. He explains what is going on with our system and answers our questions with great detail, when asked. Keep up the great work Rohan!!!

- Timmy C.

As always Johann was very friendly, helpful and thanks to his knowledge finds the problem fast. He always goes out of his way to help. Johann came many time to fix problems with appliances and I was never disappointed by his work.

- Erika A.

An internal view of a ac unit including its condenser unit

Explaining Your Air Conditioner

The outdoor portion of your AC unit contains 4 essential cooling components: the outdoor coil, the AC compressor, the condenser fan and the controls. These work together to complete what’s called the “heat exchange” process. After the unit’s indoor evaporator takes hot air from inside a building, using refrigerant to convert it into a gas, that gas is pushed outside to the compressor. There, the AC compressor converts the gas back into liquid. From there the fan and coil work to dissipate that heat as the liquid is sent back inside to continue the cooling process.

A malfunctioning or broken-down AC condenser means heat exchange cannot occur, and your air conditioner may blow hot air.

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How can you tell if there is something wrong with your condenser? Here are some signs you might need to call Polar Bear to find a replacement AC condenser for sale

  • Your electricity bill is getting higher
  • Warm air blowing through your vents
  • The AC condenser fan isn’t turning on
  • You notice leakage coming from the outdoor AC unit

At the first sign of trouble, contact our professionals. We’ll inspect your central air conditioner and diagnose the root problem and help you decide on the right course of action.

Polar Bear Cares About Your Comfort

In the Cayman Islands’ hot and humid climate, living and working in comfort requires a fully functioning air conditioning system. A lack of proper AC equipment leaves most of us feeling (and acting) miserable. Polar Bear Air Conditioning is renowned for offering personalized solutions for your specific comfort needs. We’re proud to be the premier service provider on Island, providing solutions for whatever AC issues you’re experiencing and offering the best quality AC condensers for sale.

We are located in George Town, Grand Cayman, and our service area spans all 3 islands. From East End to West Bay, Patrick’s Island to Bodden Town, Cayman Kai to South Sound and North Side to George Town. We also make the occasional trip to Cayman Brac and Little Cayman when demand allows.

Contact us today to find out more about our AC condensers for sale or to schedule an appointment for service.

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