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2016 Year in Review

What a year it has been here at Polar Bear! We poured a lot of resources into our techs to maintain our reputation of having the best-trained workforce on the island (and because we care deeply about all of them and want them to succeed in life). We’ve had a blast growing together as a team as we adopted and nurtured our new members. It’s been a full year of doing good things for our community and for Polar Bear.

Here are the highlights of 2016


Our mascot made many appearances this year! We even shot a behind the scenes look at what goes into becoming the Bear. It’s actually a lot of work.

Behind The Scenes – Polar Bear Mascot

It's not easy to make mascot appearances. Here's a behind the scenes look at two of our awesome staff volunteers Daniel and Alfonso as they change in and out of the Polar Bear! If there's an event that you believe the Polar Bear should attend feel free to suggest the appearance opportunity in the comments below or give us a call 949-2526.

Posted by Polar Bear Air Conditioning on Wednesday, January 27, 2016

Do you remember the Poinciana Festival? Well, not only did many of us attend but the finale of the event was the Award Ceremony hosted by the Harquail Theater. You might recall its lack of efficient (and/or effective) air conditioning. We solved that problem with an expert installation of a brand new system just in time for the ceremony!


Polar Bear turned 28 in 2016, cementing our status as one of the longest-standing businesses in Grand Cayman! To celebrate, we increased the company fleet of beautifully wrapped trucks and premiered the now ever popular Polar Bear baseball style t-shirt! Did you get one? Send and email to sg@polarbear.ky and explain how much you’ll wear it then…you’ll probably luck out on a new shirt!


Everyone here was so filled with pride as Emily Sully served as an advisor for the Junior Achievement program. She helped guide 25 teenagers through the 20-week program as they created a business called Eco Designs that produced marketable products using repurposed bottle caps and cigar boxes. Emily’s leadership skills inspired us.

We also started our Coastal Cleanup efforts. As a team, with the help of a few community members, we took to the beaches to clean up trash and beautify them. Conservation of our beautiful island is very important to all of us, and cleaning up the beaches is one way we can all make a difference.


Cayman 27 interviewed Polar Bear PR representative, Steven, about Coastal Cleanup and you can see the recording here! But our efforts to go green didn’t stop there. In a Polar-Solar partnership with Precision Solar, we installed a brand new solar panel rooftop array at our office, which now offsets our utility consumption significantly. Precision Solar got a super-efficient Lennox system installed to cool their offices, too. Win-win!


Polar BlastWe introduced a new, proprietary cleaning system for mini-split units called Polar Bear Blast. Mini-splits can get really dirty, and be difficult to clean with conventional methods. Polar Bear Blast is a fast and thorough way to really get into all the nooks and crannies, resulting in cleaner cooled air in your home.


It’s an annual tradition of ours to participate in the Island Living Show and educate Cayman about Lennox products and their impact on health and energy consumption in the home. Of course, the ever-popular Bear tagged along! Lennox products, paired with Polar Bear’s expert installation and maintenance services provide significant utility savings. Lennox’s technology is the most advanced home cooling available, making the cost over its lifetime worth the upfront price. We even got to talk about it on Cayman 27 before the show.


Team spirit and a family atmosphere are part of what makes Polar Bear the great company to work with. We like to treat ourselves to fun days at the beach together to foster a spirit of comeraderie between all the staff.


By now you’ve probably seen our newest commercial on TV! It was a blast to shoot and produce this fun ad featuring the beloved Bear. In addition to a few good laughs, the commercial resulted in a ton of awareness about overpaying for cooling and thus we installed a record number of high efficiency systems in the month of August. Stay tuned for a very humorous follow-up to the first beary efficient commercial.


The Ready2Work Programme has been a huge part of 2016 for us. Since joining, Polar Bear has been helping young Caymanians develop career skills through on-the-job training. They’re learning from the best! It’s just another way we are investing in the future of our beautiful little island and the wonderful community here. Watch Chuck talk about Ready2Work in this interview with Cayman 27.


Even the CUC wants to reduce energy consumption! They’re keeping their offices cool much more efficiently since our installation of a brand new, high-efficiency systems at their headquarters.

We also gave our headquarters a nice, fresh coat of blue paint. It made a world of difference for the appearance of our building!


Polar Bear and Sagicor made history in Cayman with the installation of the first Lennox VRF cooling system on in Cayman. The system combines the benefits of zoning and variable refrigerant flow to create a flexible and highly energy efficient cooling solution.


Polar Bear formed a basketball team! Guess who our mascot is? Yep, it’s Bear. Our first game was a blast and we’re looking forward to many more. While we were here playing, Daniel and Natan were in Texas studying hard at Perfect Technician Academy. Chuck doesn’t shy away from investing in Polar Bear technicians’ education, and these techs came to us through the Ready2Work Programme. It wasn’t all work and no play for Daniel and Natan during their trip stateside. Everyone needs a break, especially during a month-long intensive training course. The techs got to catch a Cowboys game together during their stay in Texas. Cayman 27 even recorded a news segment about their experience in the program.


This year marks the second year of our participation in Cayman 27’s Parade of Lights in Camana Bay. This year, however, we not only took more photos with you than Santa did…we went all out and took care of what we like to think was an amazing fireworks spectacular! Our bear’s scarf goes off to Hurley’s Media for always puts on the classiest of events.

Next up in December and to close out another fabulous year was the 28th annual Polar Bear Christmas Party celebrated at the wonderful Guy Harvey’s on the waterfront! Technicians and staff look forward to the party each year because when the company has a great year… The staff has a Very Merry Christmas! Gifts included MacBook pros, massive 4k TVs, a motorcycle and more.

In summary, an unprecedented year like 2016 would never be possible without you, our very loyal customers and so with that we’d like to count our blessings, express our gratitude to you, and pray for yet another record year in 2017.


  • Srosen January 11, 2017 - Reply

    What ever happened to Chuck. My wife and myself lived in Cayman at Limetree Bay prior to the hurricane that destroyed us. We rebuilt with the expertise of Polar Bear and Chuck. Thankyou. Dr and Mrs. Stanford Rosen

    • Polar Bear January 19, 2017 - Reply

      Hi Rosen Family! Yes, Chuck is still very much around! He concentrates mainly on business development. The company has grown quite a bit since Ivan. Thank you very much for the kind feedback!

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