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Polar Bear Goes to Cuba

There’s nothing we enjoy more than helping our community prosper. Those of you who have supported us through the years know that better than anyone else! And although we’re best known for providing the best AC installation and repair services throughout the Cayman Islands, our skills extend beyond that. 

Recently, select members of the Polar Bear Air Conditioning team took a trip to Camaguey, Cuba, with two goals in mind: 

1. To transport much-needed goods to the people of Cuba

2. To explore the possibilities of how we can better partner with the First Baptist Church of Camaguey in assisting with its needs during the food crisis

We’re proud to say that our team went above and beyond! We transported 56 boxes of food, medicine, and toiletries at no cost — as Cayman Airways waived all charges.

Members of the church met us at the Havana airport upon our arrival to help carry, load, and transport all the boxes. Then, we embarked on an 8-hour drive to Camaguey, stopping for dinner at a local restaurant along the way. Once the boxes were safely stored at the pastor’s residence (about 1:00AM!), our team went on to get some much-needed rest in preparation for the busy days ahead. 

The next morning, everyone dove right into sorting the supplies. During this time, our team had the opportunity to learn more about the church and its vision for restoration. The best part, of course, was watching the church fill up with approximately 400 people — this gave our team a real sense of purpose and community, knowing that our aid was appreciated by the locals. 

Our team kept busy meeting church leaders, churchgoers, and everyone in between over the next few days. Overall, we were able to raise $8,527.00, which is one of our company’s proudest moments so far. 

We visited some very modest homes, most having dirt floors and passed out simply items such as canned goods, toothpaste and brushes, feminine supplies and toilet paper.  This was enough to bring tears to the recipients eyes their gratitude was so great.

Although we could go on and on about how much we enjoyed our experience in Cuba, we would like to thank the following people and organizations for their donations.

Donations infographic

This was the trip of a lifetime for those of us who were able to attend — not just because we were able to visit a neighboring country, but also because we were able to make a difference.

We look forward to more exciting trips in the future, but in the meantime, we’ll be busy providing the necessary air conditioning repairs and installations needed to keep our own community comfortable through the sweltering heat. To learn more about our services and community involvement, or to inquire about how you can help, give us a call today!


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