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Betty Ann Mobley

This is the real boss who tries to keep Chuck in line. Although not actively involved in the day to day operations, her influence is felt as the company counselor and chaplain! Betty Ann is always in Preacher Mode.

Chuck Mobley

General Manager
Chuck is the founder of Polar Bear and has been in air conditioning for over 30 years. Chuck is in charge of... Well he... he uhhhh... Hey like the commercial says "with such a GREAT staff, he doesn’t have to do anything!"

Danna Morris

Human Resources
Danna has been at Polar Bear for “Donkey Years” I can’t even remember when Danna wasn’t here. Day in and day out she does a fantastic job for us. Danna is a perfectionist in her work and she works diligently, always giving her best.

Marcos Tinoco

The Brazilian Beast! Marcos comes to us from FIFA, we hired him before he too got caught up in the FIFA drama! Marcos could find a lost penny in ten feet of sand.

Chante Smith-Johnson

Office Assistant
Chante is... Goood! Such a pleasant person to have around and so special on the phone. We still can't believe she wasn't named Miss Cayman!

Dianira Whittaker

Di is our Superstar Dispatch Specialist. She is the one that tells the guys “where to go”! She has an infectious personality and can be heard laughing and joking with her customer AND resolving their problems at the same time! Dianira is the proud & dedicated mother of 4 beautiful children.

Rafael Toledo

Installation Specialist
Rafael is a mixed breed with his parents coming from Mexico and El Salvador, he has been air conditioning since 2004 and is an adventurist, enjoying hiking, rafting, and shooting! Guess I won’t be Firing him anytime soon!

Mario Obando

Installation Specialist
Mario is from the Philippines and is just an all-around great worker. Mario doesn’t know what rest means. He is a machine. Mario is excellent in all phases of installation and can also do service work. He has two sons back in the Philippines and loves to fish and catch wild chickens. He is a real asset to Polar Bear.

Natan Oviedo

Installation Specialist
Natan is from the Dominican Republic and is like a machine! He is a tireless worker and a dedicated employee. As a former policeman and arms expert in the Dominican Republic, we use him for security as well! Natan has 2 beautiful children in DR.

Dennis Turner

Quality Control Manager
Dennis is a subcontractor who sells his time to Polar Bear. Dennis can do practically everything! Installations, Carpentry, Plumbing, Electrical... you name it and Dennis can do it. He even has his own Yam farm in Jamaica!

David Munroe

Jr. Installation Specialist
We found David at American Airlines and he gave such great unique customer service that we stole him. David is an installation apprentice and is making great progress with his NATE course.

Herman Harris

Jr. Technical Advisor
Herman is part of the “ Ready to Work” program and he came to us ready to work. Herman is a diligent worker and progressing well.

Chris Godet

Warehouse Manager
Chris comes to us from Brac Power & Light. He is helping us organize our plant and warehouse, keeping everything in order and tidy.

Tony Mendez

Installation Specialist

Emmanuel Apego

Installation Assistant
Manny sir is a hardworking and dedicated installer sir, from the Philippines. He is always smiling and a joy to be around sir.

Allan Weech

Comfort Consultant
Allan is our Project Coordinator and Sales Representative with management responsibilities. Allan is a tireless worker who seems to never run out of energy. It is rumored that Allan is part Jamaican but we haven’t been able to confirm it just yet. Allan has two children Jada & Jordan.

Kemisha Clarke

Comfort Advisor
For most customers, Kemisha is typically their first point of contact when contacting us by phone. And what a first contact! Kemisha has brought a truly remarkable value and positive energy to the company and to our customers. She is the epitome of professionalism.

Dwayne Ashley

Technical Advisor
Dwayne is affectionately known as 9 ground here. He doesn't give high five only high fours. Dwayne is a Lindsey Cooper graduate and a very articulate and conscientious worker who gets along very well with both customers and co-workers.

Daniel Rivers

Jr. Technical Advisor
Daniel came to Polar Bear from the pool business, so he continues in the business of keeping people cool! In his spare time Daniel composes and plays his own guitar pieces and enjoys spending time with his wife and Son.

Alfonso Tatac

Fleet Mechanic
Alfonso is our fleet mechanic and can repair virtually ANYTHING. Alfonso is the father of two grown children. When not working Alfonso is a sportsman, participating in basketball, boxing and the Obligatory darts that ALL Filipinos play!

Kyle Mullins

Technical Advisor
Kyle is an ex-baseball star and an avid alligator hunter! Kyle comes from an HVAC family so he has been mentored in air conditioning almost all his life. A very knowledgeable and friendly tech. Maybe he can begin to stalk the dreaded green iguanas.

Shaun McLeod

Technical Advisor
Shaun is a well seasoned and polished technician with experience in The UK, Bermuda and now Cayman. Shaun’s car can be spotted numerous times a week in the World Gym parking lot! Unfortunately it’s where he parks to go to Fidel Murphy’s Pub!

Jerry Lewis

Technical Advisor
Jerry spent years in the auto industry before embarking on a career in air conditioning. Jerry is a very conscientious worker who is dedicated to his craft. Jerry refurbishes used cars in his free time.

Johann Mowatt

Appliance Specialist
Johann (pronounced Yohan) is a highly trained and skilled Appliance technician with many years of experience despite his young age. Johann loves motorsports and tinkering with electronics. He’s our Gentle Giant!

Dorian Miller

Service Assistant
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“If you’re willing to work hard, Polar Bear will give you a chance to build your skills and will reward you for excellent customer service”

– Natan (Install Dept.)

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