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Polar Bear Brings Comfort to Health Services Authority in the Cayman Islands

We are back with another update on the COVID-19 Emergency Field Hospital Air Conditioning and IAQ Project! 

In anticipation of the re-opening of the borders, the Health Services Authority (HSA) and the Cayman Islands Government are preparing the necessary facilities to cope with potential surges in positive Coronavirus (COVID-19) cases. The new reality here in Cayman and for all countries across the globe is that we have to learn to live with and manage the risks of COVID-19 yet continue on with our lives.

A critical medium – long term initiative in this battle is the HSA Emergency Field Hospital, now almost 100% complete in the Family Life Center on Academy Way off of Walkers Road. Our team of comfort consultants and installation experts had the honour of providing the HSA in the Cayman Islands with air conditioning services. The facility will require new high-quality and reliable HVAC equipment, as well as, an excellent indoor air quality (IAQ) and air flow design that purifies the air and destroys viruses before exhausting the air outside near residential homes.

No hospital in the Cayman Islands can afford to gamble with an outdated AC unit, especially during a health crisis like the current pandemic. Patient comfort is a top priority in the healthcare and nursing industry, and nobody understands that better than the team at HSA. That’s why they reached out to our team and asked how we could help. 

We are proud to say that Polar Bear Air Conditioning was awarded an exclusive contract to provide air conditioning and indoor air quality services for the Emergency Field Hospital! Our team was extremely excited to enter this new partnership and use our skills to help Cayman during these trying times, so we got to work right away. 

Although this was a large-scale commercial project, we started with the basics. Comfort Consultant Allan Weech assessed the situation at hand and developed a customized solution. We determined that 2 15-ton Trane air conditioning units were in need of an update. HVAC manufacturer Trane is well known for its unmatched quality, reliability, and performance and the HSA’s health centers deserve nothing less than the best!

We’ve also installed 20 air scrubbers, which combat airborne contaminants indoors and destroy any viruses before being exhausted outside. Air scrubbers create negative ions and release them into the air stream. These negative ions bond to other positively charged particles, such as bacteria, pollen and viruses. Once together, they create larger, heavier particles that can now be caught in the air handler or air scrubber filter. These devices will ensure all patients are breathing clean and healthy air while receiving treatment. 

One of the final works to be completed is the installation of ultraviolet lights. UVC lights have just the right wavelength of 254 nanometers to disrupt the DNA and RNA of viruses. Standard-output lights (usually 55 microwatts) are effective at inactivating or killing infectious agents on surfaces, however, the less common high-output lights (over 110 microwatts) are needed to destroy airborne viruses as they quickly travel at up to 10 meters per second through the ductwork. 

Some of the air scrubbers installed exhaust the air outside to allow us to control and treat the air exiting the building, ensuring it is disinfected. These are needed to prevent nearby residents from coming in contact with the COVID-19 coronavirus.

Shortly after the replacement was completed and the work site was cleaned up, the hospital could already see an improvement in their indoor climate and air quality. 

Enjoy this short video of our expert team hard at work!

While we’ve been busy making sure everyone is comfortable, whether they’re at home or in a hospital, we haven’t forgotten about our favorite customer — you! Give us a call whenever you need an air conditioning repair in Grand Cayman


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