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Ductless Split AC Units for Sale in the Cayman Islands

A great alternative between a window AC unit and a central air system is a ductless split AC unit. Ductless split AC units, also referred to as mini split air conditioners, often provide more efficient house cooling than a window AC unit and are a fraction of the price of a central air system. If you’re in the market for a mini split air conditioner, Polar Bear Air Conditioning carries a wide variety of ductless split air conditioning units. The installation and maintenance processes for these units is a breeze, so you’ll be feeling cool in no time.

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How Does a Ductless Split AC Unit Work?

When you’re looking at various brands of ductless split air conditioning units for sale, you’ll notice they are “split” into two components: an indoor wall mount unit and an outdoor AC condenser unit. The indoor wall mount unit consists of the air handler and digital thermostat, while the outdoor compressor controls the cooling and fan functions. Mini-split AC units available for sale from Polar Bear have always been a favorite among Cayman Islands homeowners because of their functionality and affordability. A mini-split AC system works by removing the hot air in a room via the indoor unit and cycling it through the outdoor condenser, which contains a series of coils filled with coolant. Hot air causes the liquid coolant to transform into cool air, which is then sent back to the house. This cycle is repeated until the desired temperature of the room is reached. The main difference between a ductless system and a ‘central’ or ducted system is that the wall mounted ductless unit only serve one room, whereas, the ducted system may supply cool air to multiple rooms.

Ductless split air conditioning units are typically a one day install. So if you’re a resident of Grand Cayman including George Town, West Bay, Patrick’s Island, Cayman Kai, East End, North Side, and South Sound, or reside in Cayman Brac or Little Cayman, we encourage you to contact us to find out more about which mini-split AC units we recommend for your home. One of these sleek air cons might come home with you soon!


Mini-Split AC Unit Advantages

  • Energy Efficient
  • Quiet Indoor Unit
  • Easy, Inexpensive Installation
  • Temperature Zoning
  • Cooling and Heating
  • Sleek Design

What Our Customers Say

Kieran provided excellent customer service. He explained clearly the technical matters which he recommended be fixed. Thank you

- Gilda M.

I am pleased to advise that the installation Technicians were professional and well mannered. I can highly recommend them to any Polar Bear client without any hesitation whatsoever.

- Norman B.

Pascale, is a very talented technician. Very punctual, professional and persevere until the job is done to the customers satisfaction. I would recommend Pascale to anyone.

- Yolande L.

SINCE Rohan started our services here at our home in Prospect he has been not only friendly but knows his job well. He explains what is going on with our system and answers our questions with great detail, when asked. Keep up the great work Rohan!!!

- Timmy C.

As always Johann was very friendly, helpful and thanks to his knowledge finds the problem fast. He always goes out of his way to help. Johann came many time to fix problems with appliances and I was never disappointed by his work.

- Erika A.

Mini-Split AC Units for Sale

At Polar Bear, we carry an assortment of mini-split AC units for sale. If you’re looking to cool a moderately-sized home or office, a new addition to your building, or a ductless room, a mini-split AC unit could be just the right system for you. Ductless split AC units are a great option for residential and commercial AC systems because of their affordability, durability, and temperature zoning functionality. Contact a Polar Bear professional comfort consultant to find out if your desired ductless split air conditioning unit is available for sale.

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Who Would Benefit the Most from a Ductless Split AC Unit?

-No space for ducting

-Those constrained by budget – equipment, installation and maintenance less expensive

-Popular in rental properties

A ductless split air conditioning unit we have for sale is the perfect medium between a window AC unit and a central air system. Those who find it difficult controlling a comfortable temperature with their window AC unit, but cannot afford central air, should strongly consider a mini-split AC system. This innovative air con has the benefit of temperature zoning a whole house through one outdoor AC condenser unit. All indoor units can be set at different temperatures, so your whole family is comfortable without compromise. These units are most efficient for moderately-sized homes or offices, saving homeowners and business owners money on their energy bills.

All those interested in a mini-split AC unit for sale should contact one of our expert comfort consultants to find out more about installation and maintenance. Polar Bear serves all areas of the Cayman Islands, including many areas on Grand Cayman such as George Town, West Bay, Patrick’s Island, Cayman Kai, East End, North Side, and South Sound. We also serve customers on Cayman Brac and Little Cayman. Give us a call to schedule a free assessment today. To get the most efficiency and lifespan out of your AC unit, don’t hesitate to ask about our special AC parts and accessories.

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