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There's no survey needed to determine that 10 out of 10 people in Cayman prefer life at home when their air conditioning is in good working order. However, when it's not... Things may get heated. The good news is that Polar Bear has more globally accredited and certified experts ready to respond to no cooling service calls 24/7 than any other air conditioning company in the Cayman Islands. Want to put Polar Bear's response time to the test?

Click the service icon on the left of this site, complete & submit the form then... Wait. Get ready to hear from us in no time and shortly thereafter have a friendly tech arrive with a fully stocked truck and a smile no matter the hour of the day. Those in need of major repairs make sure to ask the service technician about the advantages of replacement vs. repair. 


There are some places in the world where home and business owners get by with air conditioning maintenance only twice or even just one time per year. One can certainly follow the same protocols here Cayman but one should also be prepared for air conditioning equipment with a very short lifespan, extremely high CUC bills, the occasional wall or ceiling leak, and of course, nasty air in the lungs. Polar Bear takes pride in offering worry-free air conditioning maintenance for both residential and commercial customers.

Worry-free means that customers don't have to request maintenance or lose it because Polar Bear reminds you. Worry-free means a clean, courteous, and expert technician servicing the property's most expensive appliance. Worry-free means a full tune-up service plus including a status report and any recommendations for better cooling. Worry-free means all work is backed by a 100% Owner Satisfaction Guarantee that's been intact for nearly 30 years and is truly enforced. So stop worrying about air conditioning and ask us about our annual maintenance specials! 


In Cayman, without efficiency you're basically volunteering for a pay cut at work. Sure, cheap baseline systems can blow cool air around but they also know how to blow cash. In North America with remarkably low utility rates... Sure, get the best deal for cold air. However, in Cayman where utility rates are some of the highest in the world, efficiency quickly becomes a necessity. We're standing by to help make you comfortable and save money at the same time. Give us buzz.

New Construction

While new construction certainly has its challenges, it is also a very rewarding process for our installation teams. Seriously, our crews truly enjoy being a part of the process of creating some of the most beautiful homes and world-class accommodations anywhere on earth. Our project leads have experience dealing with contractors and each trade to deliver quality work on time. Want us to take a look at some plans or give you a bit of pre-construction guidance? Give us a call.

Air Quality

Moisture, mold, dirt, pet dander, and all kinds of other fun stuff likes to hang out in your air if you allow it to do so. The best news is that you don't have to breathe low-quality indoor air because breathing the good stuff costs a lot less than you may think. Really, it starts with regular maintenance where filters are replaced during each visit. Just the scheduled filter changes using high-quality material will make a big difference. After the basics, we're set up to take the air you breathe all the way up to operating room quality but you just have to ask. If you're curious as to the quality of your air feel free to request an air testing and duct inspection service.


At Polar Bear, we focus on the most expensive (and in Cayman, probably the most important) appliance, the air conditioning system; but that's not to say all other appliances are not important too. That's why we founded our sister company Appliance Doctors over 25 years ago. Visit their website today by clicking here

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