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Our Experience With Mitsubishi VRF Training and What it Means to You

At Polar Bear Air Conditioning, we’re always investing in training and development as one of our core values is continuous improvement. We love learning about innovations in home comfort so we can, in turn, do our jobs more effectively and improve our customers’ quality of life.

Consequently, we recently sent two of our top commercial air conditioning technicians from our shop in George Town, Grand Cayman, to Miami, FL, for Mitsubishi VRF training. But before we talk about their experience, let’s take a look at what exactly a VRF system is and how it works.

How Does a Mitsubishi VRF System Work?

First introduced in Japan in 1982, Variable Refrigerant Flow Systems (VRF) started to become popular in the United States in the early 2000s as a more efficient and affordable method of heating and cooling commercial spaces. 

The technology involved in VRF systems is quite intricate and sophisticated, consisting of several indoor units and one or more outdoor condensing units. VRF systems can adjust their speed as more or less power is needed, thereby affecting the amount of refrigerant delivered by the compressor and metering devices based on the thermostat demand — hence the name “variable refrigerant flow.” So how does this actually work? Each indoor fan coil will have a thermostat controller that sends instructions to the main controller in order to satisfy the cooling or heating demands of its specific zone. The main controller then sends this information to the inverter in the condensing unit. An inverter board in simple terms is an electronic circuit that increases and decreases the speed of the compressor-based information it receives from a controller.  Additionally, certain VRF systems — like Mitsubishi’s VRF system — can even heat and cool different zones simultaneously. 

This is accomplished by using a three-pipe system as opposed to the two-pipe systems often employed in smaller residential or commercial equipment. Traditional HVAC equipment has two refrigerant pipes, one is the liquid line and the other is the suction line. The three pipe system has an additional discharge line when simultaneous heating is required. Using a branch circuit controller, the heat removed from areas that require cooling can be used in the areas that need to be heated supplied by the discharge line. As a result, these systems can provide superior efficiency, reduced energy consumption, and more.

Benefits of VRF Systems

Superior Energy Efficiency

By varying the compressor speed and accurately providing the desired temperatures, VRF systems offer superior energy savings. Not only that, but since they don’t require air ducts, there is no energy loss through the ductwork, either.


As opposed to traditional HVAC systems, VFR systems offer customized temperature settings in different zones; they can even heat and cool various areas in a building at the same time. 


Since VFR systems operate at low volumes, they won’t disturb building occupants like older HVAC models.


VRF systems come in a variety of sizes, so they can be used in an array of applications; they’re especially useful for buildings with limited space.

Mitsubishi VRF Experts

When it comes to understanding new and improved technology, our team of experts is always looking to increase their knowledge base and enhance their skills. They’re passionate about continuing their education, which is why our team went to Miami for the Mitsubishi VRF training. Here’s a firsthand account of the training session from Rohan Dudhnath, one of the techs who participated:

“My experience was amazing! It was one of the best training courses I have been to. The training gave us a complete understanding of how the system works, its design, versatility, and the potential benefits it can provide. We were provided with literature and software to go along with our hands-on experience. The instructors were knowledgeable and great to work with. With this new technology, the sky’s the limit. The software will allow us to do precision designs for new projects, and so much more!”

That enthusiasm mirrors just how we feel about training and education here at Polar Bear Air Conditioning. While our entire team has a strong foundation of knowledge, skill, and experience, we believe in constantly building on that foundation and never settling for okay. We’re always trying to do better! We regularly provide employees with in-house training, as well as external training opportunities, and we’re always willing to share our knowledge with the local community.

Check out this quick slideshow video to get a better idea of why technician training is so important to us.

Of course, everything we do to keep our team well-trained, educated, and up-to-date with innovations and advances in air conditioning, we do for you. We want to make sure that whatever your residential or commercial air conditioning needs are, if you have a VRF system or a traditional HVAC we can fix, maintain, install, or do whatever it takes to help you out.

To find out more about what our well-trained team can do for you, don’t hesitate to give Polar Bear Air Conditioning a call or fill out a contact form today.



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John Thistle
John Thistle
21:32 17 May 23
I recently had my air conditioning unit installed by Polar Bear Air Conditioning in Cayman Kai. I was very pleased with the service I received. The workmen, Jerome, Tony, and Nathan, were all professional and courteous. They arrived on time and were dressed in their uniforms. They laid out carpeting where they would be walking inside the house to avoid leaving debris or making a mess. They worked clean and kept the space tidy. They were polite and provided me a good understanding of the work they completed as well as showed me all pieces of equipment. They emailed me a jpg image of each piece of equipment's information plate so that I could record it in my home management software, as requested.Here are some specific details about the work they did:They installed 3 new high-efficiency air conditioning units that are much more energy-efficient (26 SEER) than my old units.They cleaned and disinfected the air ducts, as well as replaced previously installed flex ducts with rigid duct work that is superior in efficiency and durability.They installed new filters to help keep the air clean and free of allergens.They explained the operation of the new units to me and answered all of my questions.They cleaned up after themselves and left my home in good condition.I would highly recommend Polar Bear Air Conditioning to anyone in need of air conditioning installation or service. They are a professional and reliable company that provides excellent customer service.
Charles Mobley
Charles Mobley
01:19 01 May 23
Our ac stopped working a few weeks ago and Polar Bear sent Roemaine and Tyrone to diagnose the problem. Roemaine and Tyrone very quickly identified the problem and communicated with me. It turns out the best option was replacing the condensing unit which Paul quoted within a matter of minutes and they had expert installation team (Tony and Jerome) complete late in the afternoon with short notice. I’m very happy with their work!
17:26 22 Feb 23
I have, over the years been trying to find a reliable, professional A/C maintenance and repair company. I have tried a few. That search is now over after using Polar Bear. Billy and Jerry were absolutely a pleasure to work with. Knowledgeable and professional from the initial diagnosis to the final repair. I highly recommend this company and the team that came to do work on my AC. Tim.
Gill Gordon
Gill Gordon
01:58 27 Jan 23
Polar Bear technicians are always very polite, friendly and professional in their service. Each of their technicians that we have dealt with have been great and they are always super responsive to getting someone out. Pictured are Antony and Billy who completed our recent service 👍
Zichri M.
Zichri M.
22:27 30 Dec 22
Great work. I received an email and also a call from the dispatcher that the tech would be calling me, and sure enough, the tech (Simon) called shortly after that to let me know he was on his way which was very much appreciated. The customer service from all of the team and updates was spot on, and Simon was very thorough and very knowledgeable. He was also very courteous and professional. I rate Polar Bear as the best company in town. Great work!
Glenroy Miller
Glenroy Miller
03:27 24 Dec 22
Tyrone is very knowledgeable and professional, he gave me a step by step update of what he was doing. He also gave advice on how best to protect not only the unit but my family. My wife and I are totally satisfied with the service.
Kyle Roberts
Kyle Roberts
22:50 23 Dec 22
Polar Bear's service and response was amazing! Nicole who answered my phone call and scheduled me was extremely friendly, accommodating and knowledgeable! The Technician assigned to me was Simon and he was also extremely friendly and very knowledgeable. Within a minute of looking at my system he knew what the errors and issues were! He was able to fix one of the two problems that day, and then came scheduled and came the following day to fix the remaining issue. He was perfectly on time and the courtesy call before arrival both times before arriving was a welcome touch as it made sure that I was ready.Will continue using polar bear for all my HVAC needs! 5*
Kayla Shibli
Kayla Shibli
01:09 05 Oct 22
My experience with Polar Bear has been awesome!!!! From the beginning, the office staff were so professional and kind, then receiving my AC quote, the gentleman has been very prompt in his response time—, the kind of employee that puts customer first and has such a nice and an approachable attitude, very patient in answering my questions and providing guidance as required by me- customer focus completely, then as if that wasn’t enough to convince me to move my AC maintenance and installation to Polar Bear; the technicians that attended to my AC installation provided such excellent service— what stood out was how they used a carpet that was placed on my floor to avoid making any mess on my floor and whatever mess they did make, the technician used their broom to remove it. I know this message is long but I really wanted to express my THANK YOU and appreciation for such excellent customer service that I’ve experienced by Polar Bear — you have won me as a customer!! THANK YOU! Keep up the excellent customer service!!! Looking forward to building a relationship with you as a new customer.
Robert L White
Robert L White
11:48 15 Aug 22
Olivia and Demitri very professional , competent and are delightful people! She came by and diagnosed some issues with our AC system . I am reviewing your estimate at this time..I truly enjoyed meeting them. They both real assets to your Company!Rob
Omari Rankine
Omari Rankine
04:58 10 Jul 22
I am very pleased with the service that was provided by Polar Bear. I had an issue where the ac was not working at one of my rental properties after hours on a weekend. Rohan came all the way out to East End at 10pm and worked on the issue to get the system back up and running. He was very thorough and explained the issue in detail, and the measures I needed to take to prevent it from reoccurring. Excellent customer service

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