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Benefits of High Energy-Efficient Air Conditioning in the Cayman Islands

Ensure High Energy-Efficient Air Conditioners Work Hard in Your Home

Isn’t it a miserable feeling when you enter a room and are surrounded by hot, stuffy air? If there’s one thing we know about ourselves here in Cayman, it’s that we LOVE our AC! AC units are considered a necessity for residential homes and commercial businesses in the Cayman Islands. However, when you live in a climate that requires a powerful cooling system all year long, you can’t help but think of how it will affect your electricity bill at the end of each month. With a high energy-efficient air conditioner, you won’t have to.

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What is an Energy-Efficient Air Conditioner?

High energy-efficient air conditioners are technologically adapted to use less energy in cooling your home to the desired, comfortable temperature you’re looking for. When your AC unit is using less energy, it costs you less money. High energy-efficient air conditioners are determined based on their SEER ratings. The higher these ratings, the more efficient your AC unit is. 

What is a Good Seer Rating for an Air Conditioner?

SEER stands for seasonal energy efficiency ratio. This ratio measures the amount of cool air an air conditioner produces in a regular cooling season, divided by the total energy it consumes. High energy-efficient air conditioners have a high SEER rating because they provide more cool air while using the least amount of energy. Older cooling systems have a SEER rating of less than 10, while basic contemporary AC units have SEER ratings around 14. High energy-efficient air conditioners, on the other hand, have SEER ratings over 20!

Air conditioning systems don’t always operate at their designated SEER rating. It is important to understand that SEER calculates the maximum energy efficiency of an AC unit, but actual energy efficiency depends on a lot of environmental variables. This is very similar to MPG (miles per gallon) in a car. When you buy a fuel-efficient car, its advertised fuel economy could be 35, but actual gas mileage will vary depending on how you’re driving. In a similar manner, an air conditioner’s energy efficiency can vary based on proper AC sizing and installation, regular maintenance, the current ductwork, type of thermostat, functionality of the cooled space, etc. That’s why maintenance is so important for your air conditioning system. 

Polar Bear Air Conditioning offers a variety of high energy-efficient air conditioners for residents throughout Grand Cayman, including George Town, West Bay, Patrick’s Island, Cayman Kai, East End, North Side, South Sound, and Bodden Town. We would also be happy to make a trip to Cayman Brac and Little Cayman to assist in your next high efficiency AC installation. Call to schedule a free quote to update to a more efficient AC system today! Or check out our annual Discount Service Club maintenance program. Polar Bear is here to answer all your AC needs. 


High Energy-Efficient Air Conditioner Advantages

  • Superior Performance and Comfort
  • Lower Energy Bills
  • Longer Lifespan
  • Quiet Cooling
  • Reduced Carbon Footprint
  • Improved Indoor Air Quality

What Our Customers Say

Kieran provided excellent customer service. He explained clearly the technical matters which he recommended be fixed. Thank you

- Gilda M.

I am pleased to advise that the installation Technicians were professional and well mannered. I can highly recommend them to any Polar Bear client without any hesitation whatsoever.

- Norman B.

Pascale, is a very talented technician. Very punctual, professional and persevere until the job is done to the customers satisfaction. I would recommend Pascale to anyone.

- Yolande L.

SINCE Rohan started our services here at our home in Prospect he has been not only friendly but knows his job well. He explains what is going on with our system and answers our questions with great detail, when asked. Keep up the great work Rohan!!!

- Timmy C.

As always Johann was very friendly, helpful and thanks to his knowledge finds the problem fast. He always goes out of his way to help. Johann came many time to fix problems with appliances and I was never disappointed by his work.

- Erika A.

energy-efficient central air unit outside of a home in the Cayman Islands

Find the Right Cooling System for Your Home

When deciding which AC unit and accessories to buy, the two most popular choices are central air and ductless split units. Both systems have their own advantages and disadvantages, but it ultimately comes down to what your home is suited for. To find out which AC unit will be the most efficient in your home, contact a Polar Bear professional for a consultation. Being the best air conditioning company in Cayman for over 30 years, you can trust us to provide you with cool, clean and crisp air!

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How much can I save with an Energy Efficient AC?

In 2019 Cayman was labelled the most costly place to live on the planet, according to Expatistan. This is no doubt partly due to the high cost of electricity which is around CI 30 cents per kwh, about triple the US average. This explains why high efficiency air conditioners are such a wise and increasingly popular investment option to save money in the long term; especially when you consider your AC can contribute 70% to 80% of your electricity usage in Cayman’s hot and humid climate. 

Lower efficiency AC equipment are considered 14 SEER or below but when this equipment is old, poorly maintained, incorrectly installed and non-programmable the actual performance can be reduced significantly to well below 10 SEER. Uninformed homeowners are enticed by cheaper installation quotes but this is at the expense of hundreds of dollars every month. So how much can you save? Think of your last electricity bill, now half it… That could be your new bill by updating your AC equipment with Polar Bear to over 20 SEER rating. Also, remember regular maintenance and filter changes are important for keeping your unit operating at peak performance, as well as maintaining indoor air quality and preventing early breakdown.

Our wide range of high energy-efficient air conditioners encompass both ductless split and central air systems. If you’re looking to install, repair, or replace your current AC unit for something more efficient, contact us now. We service all areas of Grand Cayman including George Town, West Bay, Patrick’s Island, Cayman Kai, East End, North Side, South Sound and Bodden Town. We also make the occasional trip to Cayman Brac and Little Cayman when demand allows.

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