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Preparation for Hurricanes

Preparation for Hurricanes

With three more months to go until the 2017 Hurricane Season officially ends on November 30, it’s worth noting that another Harvey or Ivan could still strike the Cayman Islands this year. It’s prudent to take steps now to prepare for that possibility. Government and emergency services personnel will do everything they can in such a crisis, but a massive storm can quickly overwhelm them. Every preparation you make is one less thing you’ll need and can free up resources that can be used to help others.

Don’t Wait

Fortunately, hurricanes almost always give several days warning before they strike. Unfortunately, that means many people will put off laying in supplies until a storm is only a day or so away. Supplies may run low as people go into crisis mode. Buying a few extra of the things you normally buy every time you shop is an easy way to have emergency supplies on hand.

Remember the Basics: Food, Water, Clothing, Shelter

Picking up an extra few bottles of water every time you shop makes sure you have this vital item on hand. The same goes for tins or packets of food that will last on your shelves. Hunger and thirst are two things you don’t want to be dealing with in a crisis. Having enough to eat and drink makes everything else better (or slightly less awful, depending on the situation).

Putting some extra clothes, especially socks, underwear and towels, in plastic bags and sealing them up as a storm approaches can give you the relief of a change from dirty, wet clothes once the storm has passed. A few blankets can be bagged as well, to make sleeping easier.

Since Ivan struck in 2004, many buildings have been strengthened to withstand severe storms. If your home isn’t one of them, be aware of where shelter space will be available in the event it’s needed.

Daily Needs

What are the things you use every day that you can’t do without? Make a list, and start a stockpile that will last you for at least three days.

Diapers, baby wipes, baby food, power and diaper rash ointment are necessary for any infant. Babies don’t care–they want to be fed and changed regardless of the weather.

Medications, toilet paper, first aid supplies, toiletries–these are just some of the things you’ll sorely miss when they’re not available.

Everything Else

Some people feel they have to have incredible amounts of emergency supplies. Like almost everything else, use some common sense as you prepare. If you hate sardines, don’t buy a case of them. Don’t have a baby? Twelve boxes of diapers will probably only be useful as barter items… But that, too, could be helpful.

Being prepared for emergencies doesn’t have to be elaborate or expensive, but can pay off handsomely in the long run.

At Polar Bear, we believe in taking steps to prevent HVAC emergencies whenever possible. That’s why a regular maintenance plan from Polar Bear can catch small problems before they become catastrophic ones, which saves you money and grief.

You can’t prevent hurricanes, but you can make sure your HVAC is prepared to do its job year after year with proper care from Polar Bear!


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