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How to Choose an Energy-Efficient Air Conditioner

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A properly-functioning AC is integral to your home’s comfort. Nonetheless, you want more than basic comfort from your air conditioner—you expect convenience, adequate cooling capacity, and high energy efficiency.

With so many different ACs in the market nowadays, you might be asking yourself: what are the most energy-efficient air conditioners?

From central air to ductless systems and everything in between, HVAC companies boast energy efficiency as a top asset. But are energy-efficient air conditioners worth it? We’ll answer these questions and more.

The Benefits of Energy-Efficient ACs

So, are energy-efficient air conditioners worth it? Most homeowners would say, “yes.” When you install an AC with high energy efficiency, you will:

  • Use up less energy
  • See savings on your energy bills
  • Be more environmentally-friendly

These benefits, which can be great for your wallet, definitely mean that energy-efficient air conditioners are worth it. Nonetheless, you’re probably still wondering what the most energy-efficient air conditioners are—namely, which one is best for you.

5 Factors to Consider

Before we dive into discussing what the most energy-efficient air conditioners are, let’s first discuss what you should look for in an AC. There are five main factors you should consider.

  • The Size of Your AC

Your home requires a properly-sized AC. If your air conditioner is too small, you risk not being able to cool your entire home. At the same time, an oversized AC will waste energy and lead to soaring energy bills—two things no homeowner wants.

  • SEER Ratings

Since we’re talking about energy efficiency, SEER ratings are essential. Look for an AC with a high (Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio) SEER rating. A high SEER rating equals high energy efficiency.

  • Cooling Capacity

Here in the Cayman Islands, your new AC system needs to have an adequate cooling capacity, and cooling capacity goes hand-in-hand with energy efficiency. An AC’s energy efficiency is measured in British thermal units (BTUs).

  • ENERGY STAR® Certification

If an air conditioner is ENERGY STAR® certified, that means the AC either meets or exceeds specific standards for energy efficiency. Always keep an eye out for this certification.

  • Overall Convenience

Does the AC you’re considering have a programmable thermostat or incorporate other innovative technology? With a programmable or smart thermostat, you can manually control your AC from your smartphone even while you’re away from your home. As a result, you can rack up energy savings

Ductless Mini-Splits

Let us discuss ductless mini-split air conditioning systems. Ductless mini-split systems are known to be highly energy efficient. Since these systems involve having indoor units for every room in your home, you can precisely adjust the desired temperature in each living space. This means that you’ll waste less energy in cooling rooms you don’t use.

You should consider a ductless mini-split air conditioner if you’re looking for a system that effectively cools your home. With a mini-split unit, you have cool air ready at your fingertips.

Central Air Systems

There are countless benefits to central air conditioning, including clean indoor air and silent operation. By design, central ACs always work to cool your entire home, and new units will blow your mind with incredibly high efficiency rates.

Inverter Air Conditioners

Inverter ACs are pretty new, but they are said to waste less energy than traditional types of air conditioners. At the same time, these systems are known to be more expensive to install than other ACs.

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While energy-efficient air conditioners are undoubtedly worth it, it’s not always easy to know which AC is best for you. At Polar Bear, our expert HVAC technicians know what the most energy-efficient air conditioners are. What’s more, we can help you choose an energy-efficient AC that fits your needs. Contact us at your earliest convenience for the best AC installation in the Cayman Islands!


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