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Breast Cancer Awareness October 2018

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Thank you for your support!

The $49 diagnosis donation campaign has ended, but you can still donate to the Cancer Society.

You may recall our “not just a pink shirt” campaign from last year, but this year we want to make an even bigger contribution to the Cancer Society! We’re doing this by offering all customers a discounted rate on our expert cooling diagnosis services (Regularly $89*) for just $49 and donating 100% of the $49 diagnosis straight to the Cancer Society to assist with early diagnosis and prevention.

Important: The reduced diagnosis of $49 strictly applies to those customers who receive a diagnosis and proceed forward with the technician’s recommendations. Those who elect to receive diagnosis only will be billed at the regular $89 fee.


Step 1: Book $49 Diagnosis

Call us or click Get Service below to schedule a technician to diagnose your cooling issue. Once diagnosed, our certified technicians will present you with options to get you back cooling in no time!

Step 2: Fee = Donation

At the time of service our team will add the discounted $49 diagnosis fee (normally $89) to your invoice. The invoice will state that 100% of the diagnosis fee will go directly to the Cancer Society!!

Step 3: Big Check!

Throughout the month, we’ll be shouting out the customers that have helped us support the Cancer Society. At the end of October we’ll present one big check for all funds raised throughout the month.


It’s more than just a pink shirt to us. Every October, we do our part to help raise awareness and funding for breast cancer research. With one in eight women diagnosed with the disease in their lifetimes, it touches more and more families every year. Here at  Polar Bear, we choose to help fight in the best way we know how.

This October, we’re offering a Diagnosis for Diagnosis. . Over 260,000 women are expected to be diagnosed with invasive breast cancer in 2018. And though their chances of developing the disease is much lower, about one in one thousand men will be diagnosed in their lifetimes as well. The estimated figure of diagnosis in men for 2018 is over 2,500.

Thanks to the collective efforts by concerned individuals like you, and companies like ours, breast cancer rates have been declining for the last 2 decades. Funding education, and access to screening and treatment are the key to shrinking the numbers. However, in 2018, it’s still estimated that nearly 41,000 women will die from an aggressive form of breast cancer. That’s why it’s is still so important that we continue our efforts to raise funding and awareness. We can keep shrinking that death toll by increasing awareness of risk factors and access to screening.

It’s amazing what can influence your risk for developing breast cancer. Ethnicity, age, and family health history all can play a role. Younger women, under 45, are more likely to be diagnosed if they are Black, and Black women are the most likely to die of the disease. Asians, Hispanics, and Native Americans are less likely to be diagnosed. Other factors that can influence risk are age, gender, family history, and lifestyle.

Whether you know it or not, it’s almost certain that someone close to you has been touched in some way by this terrible illness. We believe it’s in our power to help reduce the impact of breast cancer as much as it can be. Schedule your Diagnosis for Diagnosis today to help make a difference in someone’s life.


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