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Best Air Conditioner Brands of 2021

An outdoor air conditioning unit outside of a home in the Cayman Islands.

Is your current air conditioning system not living up to your standards? If your AC is giving you more problems than it’s worth, it may be time to consider a replacement for the sake of your home improvement—and your comfort. Fortunately, there are many air conditioner brands to choose between in today’s market.

Below, we’ll go over the best air conditioner brands of 2021 according to the factors they’re known for. From customer service to affordability, follow this list to find the best central air conditioning system for you.

Best Quality: Trane

Trane is an air conditioning company well-known for durability, reliability, and leading technologies. When it comes to the best air conditioner brands of 2021, there’s no guessing why Trane comes in at the top for the best quality.

Many of their AC systems are ENERGY STAR© certified and have technologies that make them highly efficient. For example, Trane has air conditioners with variable speed compressors, which will see you wasting less energy while racking up savings on your energy bills.

Best Customer Service: Carrier

Who doesn’t want to experience excellent customer service when choosing a new AC? Carrier’s A+ with the Better Business Bureau makes it one of the best air conditioner brands of 2021. Along with making customers happy, Carrier offers a considerable line of HVAC systems.

Overall, Carrier has 16 products for you to choose from. As such, there’s a good chance you’ll find the best central air conditioning system for your home among their available options.

Best Energy Efficiency: Lennox

When choosing a new AC, efficiency is a big deal for many homeowners. If this includes you, turn your sights on Lennox for your AC replacement. Lennox is one of the best air conditioner brands of 2021 for energy-efficient air conditioners.

Lennox has the best central air conditioning systems for efficiency and SEER ratings. Their air conditioners have a wide range of SEER ratings, so whether you’re looking for a 16 SEER or 26 SEER system, Lennox has you covered.

Best Reliability: American Standard

American Standard tops the list for AC brands with the best reliability. This brand’s air conditioners are designed with components to withstand all kinds of conditions. As such, American Standard is known for dependability and long-lasting models.

Other advantages include:

  • Great features
  • Quality parts
  • Low maintenance costs
  • Excellent warranty

Best Affordability: Rheem

If you have a smaller budget, Rheem may have an AC that falls within your price range. This company is also known for its environmentally-friendly heating and cooling systems. Many Rheem models include technologies that allow you to adjust the temperature even when you’re not home—which is excellent for both your energy consumption and wallet.

Choosing the Right AC for You

Now you know the best air conditioner brands of 2021 according to their leading factors. If you’re ready to install a new AC system in your home, turn to a professional HVAC contractor for assistance. HVAC companies know all leading air conditioner makes and models to help you choose the best central air conditioning system for your home.

Polar Bear’s air conditioning technicians offer leading air conditioning installations in the Cayman Islands. We are happy to discuss installation costs for new AC sales and help you make an informed decision for your home. Contact us today for an AC replacement you can trust!


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