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Are High-Efficiency Air Conditioners Worth It?

An air conditioner outside a home in the Cayman Islands.

If it’s time to replace your home’s air conditioning system, you might feel overwhelmed by the various options on the market. There are many cooling systems to choose from, and they all have advantages that make them appealing to homeowners in the Cayman Islands. As you may or may not know, these options include high-efficiency AC units.

But are high-efficiency air conditioners worth it? Before we answer this vital question, it’s important for you to know how these specific cooling systems work. In this blog, we’ll discuss everything you need to know about high-efficiency vs. regular air conditioners so you can make an informed decision that fits your needs.

What Is a High-Efficiency Air Conditioner?

What makes high-efficiency air conditioners different from traditional models? To answer this question, it’s crucial to understand what a Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) rating is.

High-efficiency ACs typically have a SEER rating of 17 or higher. In fact, these systems can have a SEER rating as high as 26 in some cases. As you can most likely imagine, higher SEER ratings equal greater energy efficiency.

Additionally, when it comes to high-efficiency vs. regular air conditioners, it’s important to note that highly-efficient models tend to have more innovative features. For example, these ACs often include two-stage and inverter compressors, air handlers with variable-speed motors, zoning systems, dehumidification settings and more.

Although these cooling systems have various advanced features, you might still feel unsure whether you should install one in your home. If you’re still on the fence, let’s get into the reasons why many homeowners think high-efficiency air conditioners are worth it.

What Are the Advantages of a High-Efficiency AC?

Before purchasing anything for your home, you probably stop to consider how the device, appliance, or system will benefit you and your family. The same should be true for your HVAC system. Here are just a few of the ways you can benefit from a highly-efficient unit.

Energy Savings

When it comes to the energy savings of a high-efficiency vs. regular air conditioner, high-efficiency systems come out on top.

The higher the SEER rating of your air conditioner, the more energy you will save. As a result, you can end up saving money on your energy bills. Your specific energy savings will depend on your cooling needs and energy usage. If you use your air conditioner on a near-constant basis, like many homeowners in the Cayman Islands, you can slash air conditioning energy costs up to 50%!


While high-efficiency HVAC systems are excellent at helping you maintain the perfect temperature inside your home, they can also help control high humidity levels. Air conditioners with higher energy efficiency are usually “variable speed” systems. Variable speed ACs allow you to cool your home at a wide range of speeds — including slow. Why does this matter?

When you run your air conditioner for a longer amount of time but on a slower setting, this can help remove humidity inside your home. On the other hand, an AC that runs fast and for a shorter period isn’t capable of removing humidity effectively.

For many homeowners, high-efficiency air conditioners are worth it because of these dehumidification properties.


If you’ve been looking to live greener, high-efficiency air conditioners can help you do that. These air conditioners waste less natural resources and can help you lower your carbon footprint.

Is a High-Efficiency AC Right for You?

Although many homeowners will say that a high-efficiency air conditioner is a good investment, it’s crucial to make a decision that meets your specific needs. Overall, the exact cost of an energy-efficient HVAC system will vary depending on your size and efficiency requirements.

Additionally, it’s important to think about your long-term goals. If you plan to keep your home indefinitely and go with installing a high-efficiency AC you know you’ll be around to reap the efficiency savings to overcome the high upfront investment. On another note, when you decide to sell your home, a high-efficiency system can add value to your home if you’re thinking of selling.

Upgrade Your Comfort With Polar Bear

There are various reasons why high-efficiency air conditioners are worth it. In general, the cooling system you install in your home will play a significant role in your comfort, and highly-efficient units can help you achieve comfortable, cleaner air on a regular basis.

If you need help choosing between a high-efficiency vs. regular air conditioner, turn to Polar Bear. We are familiar with a variety of air conditioning systems. Our team always has AC units for sale, so you can stay cool every month of the year.

Our Comfort Consultants are here to answer your questions about air conditioner efficiency percentages, brands, models, and more. Call Polar Bear for an air conditioning installation in the Cayman Islands today!


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