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$39 Air Conditioning Diagnosis with Repair (Normally $89)

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Our A/C Diagnosis is normally priced at $89 because it usually it costs us over $100 to get our technicians and equipment to your home and perform a complete diagnosis of your air conditioning system. We’re currently offering a $39 Air Conditioning Diagnosis to customers who move forward with the recommended repairs!

You can always rely on Polar Bear for a straightforward and accurate diagnosis of your air conditioning system. We only work with the best people and the latest technologies to deliver top quality services every single time. Our team of elite technicians is industry experts with extensive customer service training who will gladly walk you through every part of your AC system and each of the services we recommend. When you call Polar Bear, our team will arrive at your home with trucks fully stocked with the most advanced technologies on the market to properly diagnose and service your air conditioning system. Moreover, we service all AC makes and models!

We’ll check your AC system for leaks and blockages, clogged air filters, broken or damaged components (indoor and outdoor), calibration issues, and more! So schedule your Air Conditioning Diagnosis and see the Polar Bear difference for yourself today!


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