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4 Best Ductless Air Conditioner Brands of 2022

Couple sitting in the living room of Cayman Islands home. Woman using remote control to turn on the ductless air conditioner system.

Is 2022 your year to upgrade home comfort to the next level? The Polar Bear team is here to help!

Whether you’ve just added a new addition to your house, don’t currently have an air duct system, or are looking to supplement your central air with extra power, a ductless air conditioner is a perfect solution to keeping cool during hot and sunny days. 

Let’s take a look at the best ductless air conditioner brands of 2022, and if one of these is the best fit for your home.

Best Overall: Mitsubishi

As one of the top names in the HVAC industry, Mitsubishi has set the standard for the best split air conditioners. Their line of residential mini-split systems (including the S-Series, P-Series, and M-Series) employs the use of inverter technology and intelligent 3D i-See Sensors, which help regulate cooling cycles to avoid wasted energy and always maintain optimum home comfort. 

A unique feature of Mitsubishi ductless systems is the ability to connect up to eight indoor units to just one outdoor compressor. This gives homeowners more flexibility with their custom zone design, effortlessly meeting all comfort needs. 

Those who are environmentally conscious won’t have to think twice about which ductless air conditioner brand comes out on top as Mitsubishi is a leader in sustainability. Not only do they use recycled materials to manufacture many of their HVAC systems, but they also continuously develop innovative energy-saving technologies and strive to reduce the reliance on fossil fuels in the heating and cooling industry.

With all these benefits, it’s easy to see why Mitsubishi is the overall best ductless air conditioner brand of 2022—and why its installation costs lean towards the higher end. However, you can’t put a price on comfort, especially here in the Cayman Islands. Choose Mitsubishi if you’re looking for a reliable, efficient, and powerful ductless cooling system

Best Efficiency: GREE

Homeowners who prioritize energy efficiency and savings above all else might agree that GREE is the best ductless air conditioner brand of 2022

GREE is one of the world’s largest air conditioner manufacturers, producing one in three AC units worldwide. They offer a great selection of single-zone and multi-zone ductless mini-splits with energy-efficiency levels up to 38 SEER. The key factors contributing to high efficiency are: 

  • Integrated Evaporator
  • Integrated Design
  • Dual Side Installation
  • Low Voltage Start-Up
  • Auto Restart

Using next-gen technology to bring you the best split air conditioners is all part of The GREE Difference; this is the brand’s promise to deliver top-quality heating and cooling products. Many of their systems are ENERGY STAR® certified and can offer up to 50% energy savings.

Certain GREE products are available with smart technology, which allow homeowners to control airflow, humidity, temperature, and more. 

Like Mitsubishi, there is a higher price tag associated with GREE mini-split air conditioners. But keep in mind that you will make that money back over time in energy savings. 

Best Value: Lennox®

If you’re in the market for a system that offers the perfect mix of cost versus efficiency, then Lennox will be the best ductless air conditioner brand of 2022 for you. 

Lennox is an industry leader backed by tons of awards and accolades. Their mini-split air conditioners, which boast high-efficiency rates and are ENERGY STAR® certified, use inverter technology to keep airflow consistent. You’ll never have to worry about uneven cooling in your home or deal with the constant stopping/starting that wastes energy in conventional systems. 

Although Lennox does not have the largest selection of ductless air conditioners, the available systems are perfectly suited for small to medium-sized residential homes. Their products have a minimalist design, hand remote control, sleep mode, self-cleaning, and tons of other features to benefit your home!

Best Noise-Control: Rheem®

The constant background whir of a typical HVAC system may be a comfort to some and a nuisance to others. If you’re the type who likes to relax in silence, Rheem has the best split air conditioner selection for you to choose from. Their indoor units offer whisper-quiet operation at 21dB.

But that’s not all they have to offer! Rheem was recently ranked the best air conditioning brand of 2022 by Forbes Magazine for excellent customer service, excellent pricing, and quiet operation. Their ductless mini-split air conditioners have SEER ratings up to 33, and many are ENERGY STAR® certified. 

Like other brands, Rheem offers both single-room and multi-room systems. One of their outdoor units can support up to five comfort zones, and you have the ability to turn off individual indoor units when not needed.

Find the Best Split Air Conditioners at Polar Bear

When it comes to your home comfort, you shouldn’t settle for anything less than perfect. And with Polar Bear as your go-to air conditioning company, you won’t have to!

We carry the best ductless air conditioner brands of 2022 in stock for your convenience. If you’re looking to upgrade your home with a new mini-split AC installation, the time to do so is now. Call or schedule an online appointment to learn more about air conditioner replacement and installation options today. 


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