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Polar Bear Invests in Your Comfort: The Benefits of NCI Training and What It Means for You

Polar Bear Air Conditioning technician measuring airflow in ducts in Grand Cayman home.

If there’s one thing we prioritize above all else at Polar Bear Air Conditioning, it’s your home comfort. Improving your quality of life through first-rate air conditioning services is what we’re all about—that’s why we are invested in continuous improvement. We seize every opportunity to develop and train our team on the latest tools and technology in the HVAC industry. 

Recently, we provided advanced training for our entire team through National Comfort Institute (NCI). Take a look at this quick video where 2 of our Caymanian junior techs Anthony and Simon explain their experience and what it means for our dear customers. 


What is the National Comfort Institute (NCI)

The National Comfort Institute (NCI) is a world-renowned organization that provides HVAC technicians with the tools needed to grow professionally, differentiate themselves, and prove value to their customers. They offer a variety of in-person and online HVAC technical training suitable for both entry-level and experienced service technicians.

This training program was on Residential HVAC System Performance & Air Balancing, a course that examines the importance of measuring BTU’s delivered from the AC unit into the conditioned space. 

Understanding the role of airflow and how it affects system performance is necessary for all HVAC techs. This helps us correctly size your new unit during an air conditioning installation. It also helps us understand and diagnose symptoms of airflow issues (such as drain, fan, or overall performance problems) so we can provide you with a suitable solution and help increase your air conditioner’s efficiency. 

What makes NCI training different from other programs, or even HVAC school, is the opportunity to earn unique certifications. The Residential HVAC System Performance & Air Balancing course, for example, offers a one-of-a-kind Residential System Performance Specialist certification for those who complete the training and pass the exam. 

The Benefits of HVAC Training and Certification

When you’re looking to hire a service technician to perform an air conditioning repair or replacement, would you be more comfortable with someone whose work is backed by experience and certifications or someone who doesn’t have much, if any, to show for their HVAC career? We bet it’s the former—and for good reason!

You’re a smart homeowner, which means you only trust an investment as large and valuable as your HVAC equipment to knowledgeable technicians who won’t let you down. Working with expertly trained and certified individuals means you receive:

  • Higher quality work
  • Correct diagnosis and recommendations
  • Fast and efficient maintenance, repairs, or replacement
  • A job done right the first time
  • Peace of mind

NCI Training Increases Value for Our Customers—And We’re Excited to Show You

The Polar Bear team has proudly served Grand Cayman and surrounding areas in the Cayman Islands for almost 35 years! We are passionate about empowering our team to continue growing and developing their skills so that we may provide you with better services and products. In fact, we can’t wait to put our new skills from the NCI training to the test. 

Contact us to schedule an AC repair or replacement or learn more about becoming a member of the Polar Bear team.


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