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6 Tips for Helping Elderly Loved Ones Beat the Heat

Summer heat waves can be a health hazard to people of all ages, but especially seniors. In this blog, you’ll find ways in which you can help your elderly loved ones stay comfortable and safe throughout the summer and beyond — including calling on our residential air conditioning service company in the Cayman Islands to repair or replace the air conditioner in their home if it breaks down!

Consider some of these ways in which you can help keep them safe when the days are at their hottest.

Make Sure They’re Hydrated

No matter how many blogs or other articles you read on this topic, you’ll likely see that hydration is at the top of the list. Unlike younger people, seniors are unable to retain as much water, and they may not even realize that they’re thirsty. Therefore, when you’re out with them in the summer heat — whether for a walk at the local park, on a trip to the store, etc. — make sure that they drink up.

Make Sure They’re Dressed for the Weather

Some of the best clothing for summer includes — whether for a senior or not — loose-fitting and light-colored clothes made with lightweight materials and fabrics, hats, and, of course, sunglasses. While the right clothing will also help to prevent sunburn and heat exhaustion, having an umbrella on hand can add an extra layer of protection.

Make Them a List of Emergency Contacts

It’s important that our elderly loved one have a complete list of essential emergency phone numbers listed somewhere that is easily accessible.

Talk to Their Doctor

If your loved one suffers from certain ailments or takes certain medications, we suggest checking in with their doctor to see how being out and about it in the summer heat might affect their health. Fun fact: some medications are less effective at higher temperatures.

Stay in Touch

If you can’t stop by, then call — at least once or twice a day — when it’s scorching out. Not only does it show that you care, but it also tells you what’s on their agenda for that hot summer day!

Say “Hello” to Their Neighbors

If you can’t stop by or call, asking one of your elderly loved one’s neighbors to check in on them is the next best option. 

As you can see, helping to protect your elderly loved ones in the worst summer heat requires only a few simple steps. To learn more about our AC service in the Cayman Islands, and how we can help ensure your elderly loved ones keep cool all throughout the year, don’t hesitate to contact us!


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