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AC Service Technician

We are looking for a AC service technician to deliver the desired customer service experience. The goal is to drive service success that improves customer satisfaction, maximizes customer retention and increases profitability.
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Household & Commercial Appliance Experts

Residential & Light Commercial Appliance Expert
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Lead Installer

Polar Bear Air Conditioning is looking for that rare installer who can not only do his installation without supervision but supervice others when needed. We are looking for the installer who recognizes situations to wow the customer and does it.
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Polar Bear Air Conditioning is the premiere residential and commercial air conditioning company operating in the Cayman Islands. Founded in 1988 by Betty Ann and Chuck Mobley, Polar Bear has grown from just a few employees and two trucks to nearly 30 employees. Polar Bear prides itself in providing unsurpassed service to hundreds of demanding customers. Our specialties include ultra high efficient central systems, innovative indoor air quality products, commercial refrigeration and extremely thorough quarterly maintenance visits.

After several years of providing HVAC services and in learning more about our customers, we discovered the absence of a trustworthy residential and commercial appliance company. In response to this need Appliance Doctors was founded. Fast forward 20 years and Appliance Doctors is considered Grand Cayman’s choice for top level, professional and customer oriented appliance service.The daily Appliance Doctor regimen consists of maintaining and repairing a wide variety of brands plus installing new high-end appliance products.

Although Polar Bear and Appliance Doctors are two different companies each has elected to combine resources in an effort to reach and recruit the best possible new hires. To maintain the elite level of services provided by Polar Bear and Appliance Doctors we are constantly searching the globe for purposes of recruiting the most talented HVAC and appliance technicians. The most up to date position availability is listed below and applications for both companies can be submitted through this page. Apply to either company now and you won’t regret it. There’s nothing like working in a positive company environment where your work is truly appreciated. Earning a competitive tax-free wage and living in paradise isn’t so bad either.


The middle of the Caribbean sits a group of islands known as the Cayman Islands. The largest of the three, Grand Cayman, has more than a hot & humid climate to offer. From the world-renowned 7-mile beach, to the majesty of George Town, to the pristine natural areas, untouched by human hands Grand Cayman has around 50,000 folks that call her home. Aside from endless water and outdoor adventure opportunities there’s a thriving business market, superb dining and relaxation mingled with genuinely happy people all over.


Regardless of how fun this may sound please give serious thought to what job relocation really means with respect to education, daycare, distance from family/friends, medical requirements, entertainment needs and a whole host of others. Living and working in paradise has its perks but also has its disadvantages.


If you’re not the type to just start walking around to discover new places and meet new people then you may find yourself bored and lonely. However, those with outgoing personalities will meet and learn from their new friends that come to Cayman from all over the globe.

When it comes to relocating the right candidates, we are extremely serious. Accordingly, prior to applying please make the effort to do some research & reflection of your own to know that you are 100% ready for relocation. The following links will help you get started.

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