HEPA Filtration System
HEPA Filtration System
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XC21 Air Conditioner
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Who doesn't like bundling items to save money? With the Polar Bear Bundles, the idea is to make it easy for customers to select the right complete cooling system and also save money through bundling the most competitively priced equipment together into one cost.


The condenser portion of the air conditioning system is the equipment that is normally located on the ground floor next to your property or, in some instances such as condos, on the roof. Keep in mind a condenser is one of the necessary components of a cooling system.

Air Handlers

While, in order to function, an air handler certainly relies on its connection and compatibility with a condensing unit; the air handler is critical to both efficiency and air quality of a comfort system. At times one's air handler may fail and require replacement prior to the condenser or vice versa.


We carry a wide variety of controls for both residential and commercial applications. Whether you're looking for a very basic and inefficient thermostat or a piece of smart technology that helps automate your comfort and reduce your cooling costs...we've got it.

Mini Splits

Mini splits (also known as ductless air conditioning) are the most popular application of a cooling system in the Caribbean. There are many benefits to mini-split cooling including less invasive installation methods, energy savings via area-focused AC operation, and others.


For systems old and new, Polar Bear carries a wide variety of accessories. Our accessory products include advanced air purification systems, devices to protect existing systems, items used to help older systems keep up, and many others.

Industrial Appliances

Obviously, there are a countless number of industrial appliances, thus it is impossible to list all of them on our site. However, it's important to note that Polar Bear regularly sources, installs, maintains and repairs every type of commercial refrigeration equipment such as walk-in freezers, ice machines, and others. If it's not listed here, contact us and we'll happily provide free estimates and options.

Commercial Systems

You've probably seen the Polar Bear trucks outside the largest commercial, new construction, and renovation projects. This fact is partially due to the commercial personnel we have on staff but also due to the unprecedented access we have to elite industrial mechanical equipment. The products listed on our site are a peek into the vast amount of equipment we offer our general contracting partners.


This section is not just for the products we carry but also for specials on repair and maintenance services. It's important to note that some sale offers are available through online checkout only. Who doesn't like saving money? Click view selection to begin browsing items on sale.

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